What I Really Think About Jules’ New Shape Cover…

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Ok the first thing I want to say is ..I love Jules & this post is not meant to be hurtful or judgemental. I think Jules is a great person, just this cover does not portray her trueself.

I was so happy that Jules got to be on the cover of Shape magazine for December! That’s 2 times in one year!  When I saw the cover my initial thoughts were “WTF” and then “When did Shape magazine become Playboy?”.

Ever since Jules broke up with Ryan back in February of last year, some crazy things have been happening.  What amazes me most is that not ONE family member or friend told Jules the truth. I find it so hard to believe that when Bruce or Sharee looked at this cover and were okay with it.  Or that one of Jules’ friend didn’t tell her that maybe this is sending the wrong message and goes against everything she has worked towards with her charity.

Jules recently partnered with Plan – a charity that focuses on giving girls an education and equality for women. How is that cover “equality for women”?

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It is sending the message that if you are a woman and want to sell magazines or be successful, you have to pose like that.  It is a complete contradiction of everything Kind campaign and Plan stand for. Honestly Jules if you want to pose like that- do Playboy, they pay better.

Will Shape magazine sell a lot of copies ? Probably. Will people love it? Probably. Is it good for Jules? no.

I just think when you have to start compromising your values or integrity for fame- that’s a sign you’re heading down the wrong path. People with true talent do not need to do this. I think Jules is an amazing dancer, can sing, act etc. …so work on developing those talents more- not posing for a cover like that.  Jules has to start focusing on fixing what is going on within. Or the same situations will keep happening. When her & Ryan broke up I think a part of her just wanted to be like “i’m going to do me…f*ck what everyone thinks” . That’s a normal response, but a year later and this is still going on?

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If Jules wants more fame or popularity by doing all this stuff she can get it. But will it be the right kind? no. She’ll have fans- but it will be people who like her for all the wrong reasons.  I just think Jules has to take some time off and focus on herself. Gain better self esteem so she will never feel like she has to do certain things to have a career. I think Jules is lost right now- and is trying to do whatever it takes to have other people’s approval.

Until she does yoga, meditates or gets completely honest about what she wants in live…the SAME situations will keep repeating. And I just want the best for Jules, but if she doesn’t make some changes she will never be happy.

(but i’m still going to buy it …lexi is featured in this one!!! )

…and then there’s Kim Kardashian. Don’t even get me started on her . You have an 18 month old & pull that kind of stuff.  I’m sorry her 15 minutes was up a long time ago. She’s a complete fame whore and will do whatever it takes to stay relevant.  (but that’s a completely different post 🙂 )

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Be very selective to who you give your energy to…

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We all have those people in our lives that drain our energy. The ones that no matter what happens will always look at the glass as half empty. This post may seem a little insensitive, but i just want to share my experiences so maybe they someone else doesn’t fall into the same trap.

About a week or so ago a “friend” was complaining about how people made her mad, her job, basically her whole life in general. And here’s the thing- I genuinely wanted to help her. So I told her the basic truth that I learned over the years. And that was that we are 100% responsible for the circumstances in our life. If you are at a job you hate- somewhere down the line you created that scenario. Maybe on a conscious level, maybe on a subconscious level. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t the greatest, it means on some level maybe you don’t love yourself.

So anyways I told my “friend” …”it’s what is going on within you that is creating this outward circumstances.” That you can’t worry about changing other people, just yourself” And then the pity party continued…”you don’t understand, you don’t get it …don’t judge my life etc.” Again this isn’t meant to sound insensitive and trust me I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom. But if you stay in this perpetual pity party …fast forward 5 years & you’ll be in the exact same spot.

I guess this is more like a rant, because as I started meditating and doing yoga- I developed such a low tolerance for people’s negative bullshit. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with this person’s problems..it’s just you have to ask yourself – when is enough enough? If you leave a conversation with someone feeling horrible or completely drained it’s not a good sign.

Now everybody has their bad days, life isn’t always easy…but it’s the people who can NEVER see the bright side of things that upset me. So many people claim “I want to change, I want things to be different” ..yet continue doing the EXACT SAME thing every day. If you want a different life, you’re going to have to change something. If you want a new job- go out and look for one. If you want to lose weight ..go to a gym. People think that “hoping things will get better” is going to change things…it won’t. You can post as many inspirational quotes as you want- but if you don’t actually follow them it does nothing.

Moral of the story : Let go of the people in your life who are not good for your spirit.

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Number 44 Numerology

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You have a Master number in numerology 🙂

Your birthdate adds up to 44 (any number which repeats itself …11, 22, 33 and 44 are considered Master numbers and they hold great potential for the individual, if the energy is used correctly)

November 12, 1983
= 11+12+1983
**usually we don’t reduce master numbers because they stand on their own, but if we reduce it farther it would give us …

Although all Master numbers in numerology hold great potential, we must work through certain challenges first before we can reach the highest vibration of our number. The number 44 is all about finding balance. There is a constant struggle between the rational mind and the spiritual world. On one hand you believe there is something greater than yourself, but because the number 4 is very materialistic and focuses primarily on the physical plane it is hard sometimes for you to put your faith in something intangible. But in order to find inner peace you must nuture your spiritual side while going after your goals.

The key also with the number 44 is to understand that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Even though sometimes you may feel like you aren’t making any progress…remember each experience is like a brick in the solid foundation you are building.  You have to avoid being so hard on yourself- cut yourself a break sometimes.  Where other numbers are focused on fun, joy etc. …there is a serious tone to the 4. This can result in great achievements but it can also create a feeling like “i’m never doing enough…i need to more” That is why it is so important to tune into your spiritual side. You have great intuition, but it is something you often reject because there is no physical proof. Learn to trust your gut more about people and situations. If you meet someone and something feels off…trust that feeling.

Also with any Master number there is a tendency to isolate from the world. This is because their is a difference in vibration. Most people don’t see things in the same light as a person with a Master number. They can’t see the bigger picture…so because of this gap in thinking it is so easy for a person with a Master number to retreat into their own personal world. But this is one of the main challenges must overcome before they can reach true happiness in this lifetime.  So next time you feel like it would be easier to do something alone, invite a friend 🙂  Also we learn our greatest lessons through our encounters with others. There are certain things we need to all learn on a karmic level & we can’t do that in isolation.

Also, in your astrology chart it shows a square between pluto and the moon …the moon represents our emotions and pluto represents intensity, transformation and has a scorpio effect. When the two combine it means you can experience very intense emotions. Their is a deep hidden resentment towards something that happened in your past, whether it be in childhood or at another time. Maybe there was a point where someone didn’t give you the emotional nuturance you needed. Because of that experience you tend to put a guard up when it comes to other people. A lot of the times you don’t trust other people’s intentions and as a way of protecting yourself you isolate from the world.

In relationships there may be a struggle with completely letting another person in. You like to control what another person knows about you. It’s almost like a double standard at times, because you expect people to be completely transparent with you, however you are unwilling to do the same because you fear getting hurt. This is something that must be worked through before you can achieve true happiness .  (I have this aspect too, so I know the pain 🙂 ) But meditation and yoga can help us break through these barriers.

If you can…

1) Avoid turning to isolation and truly let others into your world

2) Find a balance between the material plane and the spiritual plane (nuture both sides of you)

3)Give yourself a break

You can achieve great things 🙂 The 44 number holds so much potential! But often times with any Master number a person has to work through certain things that are holding them back first.

When a number 44 operates at it’s highest frequency it represents someone who is a true Alchemist.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.47.44 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.53.20 PM

Just remember that sometimes we need to experience certain setbacks in life because it gives us a true understanding of what happiness really is.  That is why sometimes Master life path people think “why do i keep attracting this situations” ..it is because through these experiences you can really help others later in your journey .

You are on the right path- you have started to realize the link between your thoughts and how they create your experience. So if you feel like you haven’t made much progress- understand that you have! There is great potential and you are someone who can transform society for the better, so never lose sight of that 🙂

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Happy Birthday Vinny!

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So about 5 years ago I started watching the show “Jersey Shore” on MTV. Now I know people are going to judge me & say how can you watch that garbage? But I love reality shows 🙂 It was basically a bunch of people drinking, partying & hooking up all summer, but I enjoyed watching it because you got to see the dynamics between 8 strangers change over the summer. Yes the show was edited & some scenes were probably rehearsed but I think a lot of emotions were genuine. You saw the breakdown of a relationship between Ronnie & Sam…Angelina lashing out at the other roommates, Mikes’ battle with addiction, Nicole’s struggle with drinking & low self-esteem. The show aired for 6 seasons I think…so it was nice to see how everyone changed over the years.

Anyways back on topic…about 5 years ago I realized that I could pick up on people’s energy. I could see pass the b.s they feed to the world & understand what they’re really about. That is where my interest in astrology & numerology began. I wanted to understand people’s true nature.

So as I was watching Jersey Shore, I noticed that Vinny had a different type of energy compared to the rest of them. As everyone else was fighting or getting involved in drama, Vinny found a way to rise above it.

That’s when I researched Vinny’s birthday & began to understand why…

So the next post will be about Vinny’s numerology based on his birthday 🙂

Honestly if I could marry one person…it’d be Vinny. (yes because he’s cute, but also he has a really great outlook on life)

But let me back that up with some numerology! Numerology is used a lot in Chinese culture, the Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to numbers…a lot of apartments/condos in China don’t even have a 13th floor because 1+3=4 and the number “4” in Chinese sounds literally like the word “death”. So often when Chinese people are looking for houses they will not even look at one if it has the number 4 in the address. Same with phone numbers, license plates etc.

Life goes in cycles, that’s why some years it may seem like it’s just one bad thing after another, while others are smooth sailing. Numerology is based on the premise that life goes in 9 year cycles. 1 representing the beginning & 9 representing the end.

So let’s take a look at Vinny’s numerology …

Birthdate: November 11, 1987

=29 (2+9)
=11 (also 2)

Now the number 11 is considered a “Master number” …it means you operate at a higher vibration than the other numbers. The 11 people have great potential in this lifetime (if the use the energy of this number correctly). The whole “11:11 make a wish” is actually based in numerology. Number 11 people have the ability to see things in a different light. But the important thing to remember with this number is that yes it has great potential, but it’s all what the person makes of it.

The number 11 is the most compassionate number in numerology. These are the people who will do anything to help others! They are very empathetic individuals because they pick up the emotions of their surroundings. Unlike that friend who says “yeah yeah i understand” , these people truly feel your pain as if it’s their own. On the flip side though there is a tendency towards anxiety & depression with this number as well. Because these people are so sensitive to their environment, it’s almost like they’re a sponge for everyone’s emotions…and sometimes it gets too much to handle. They can start to feel depressed or anxious for no reason.

Another reason “Master numbers” such as the #11 are prone to anxiety & depression is that like I said before they operate at a higher vibration. Our world has primarily a negative energy, it is slowly shifting, but still there is a lot of negativity. So when you mix a positive energy with a negative one, they are out of alignment. So the difference in alignment results in depression. It’s like how a baby always cries…because they are not yet used to the negative vibration of the world. We all have a pure energy when we enter this world, that slowly adjusts.

A number 11 person sees things differently. They aren’t so concerned with the material world. Yes Vinny has a Lambogini and made millions, but that will not make him happy. That’s why I don’t see Vinny marrying someone like the girls he dates. I see him with someone like his mom, someone down to earth.

Number 11 people are “old souls” meaning they have been through many lifetimes before. Have you ever met a child that seems wise beyond his years…yep that’s an old soul. They carry the wisdom they gained in previous lives into this one with them. They’ve experienced the lower vibrations of life such as materialism, power etc. …this time around they are more concerned with being true to to themselves. That’s why I think Vinny could care less about the fame & success. He’s more interested in finding his purpose. Being on Jersey Shore was just a stepping stone to help him achieve those things. I don’t think Vinny did Jersey Shore for the money, I think he felt he could make an impact on society in some way or learn more about his nature & others.

Also Vinny is really close to his family which I love! That is another characteristic of an old soul. An old soul will meet a lot of different people in this lifetime, but have only a few people they trust. They tend to meet people when they’re at their lowest point. That is because the #11 is there to teach others lessons in this lifetime. To help them reach the next level on their soul’s journey. They will often wonder why people come & go a lot of the time from their lives. It’s because the old soul is there to teach others a particular lesson and once they learn it they progress to the next stage of their life.

Again it’s all about perception- you can make peace with the situation and let people go or you can become bitter that they constantly leave you…it’s all up to you. That’s the 2 different ends of the spectrum with the #11.

Now Vinny’s numerology is something I have never come across & represents someone with great potential.

The numbers 11, 22 & 33 are all master numbers.

Vinny was born in the 11th month, the 11th day and his birthdate adds up to the number 11 too! Also november 11th = 11+11, which = 22 (is also a master number). Vinny don’t waste this potential!

The next part of this post will explain the type of year Vinny was in for 2014.

So Vinny was in a #9 year for 2014…#9 represents the ending of a cycle. For me my number 9 year was brutal. It can be especially challenging if you are resistant to change. In order to begin a new cycle in 2015, you have to clear away anything that isn’t working in your life. And you may have gone along with it for awhile, but the number 9 year is forcing you to end things that no longer serve you a purpose. It can mean the ending of a relationship, a way of life, a career…and it’s hard because it can come rather suddenly or a series of events can cause a complete breakdown of everything. A #9 year can really make you question what you’re doing. When everything is falling apart (not literally, but on a psychological or emotional level) it can be a really trying time. But don’t worry next year will bring new beginnings Vinny 🙂 Maybe a new relationship, a new project to work on…but right now it is all about getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Also Vinny is a scorpio and scorpio is a fixed sign which means they aren’t fond of change…so this year I think will not be the easiest for him.

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WHY Jules!!

I haven’t posted here in awhile (about 8 months to be exact!)

This post is about my thoughts of tonight’s DWTS episode.

I’ll admit I was cringing half the time as I watched. I mean the dancing wasn’t the greatest, the judges were pretty harsh and the whole night was just plain awkward.

I’m going to address mostly the comments people have about Jules and her judging. I will say that there are some things she should have never said. There is constructive criticism and then there’s mean comments that affect a person’s self esteem.

Now I don’t think for a second Jules meant to come across the way she did. People have to remember it’s a LIVE show. So there’s no playback, no editing- whatever is said gets broadcast to millions that very second. Jules works for charities such as The Kind Campaign, Plan (which helps girls)- all which promote kindness to others. So I don’t think she intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or come across harsh- but that’s the way it all worked out.

But there’s a greater lesson in this (i love spiritual shit- so if it’s not your cup of tea, please stop here 🙂 ).

If a scenario keeps repeating over & over again in your life- that is a sign from the universe that you need to fundamentally change something. In Jules’ case it’s saying things that you don’t really mean and misrepresenting yourself. Now Jules’ friends (like Riawna and Nina) operate at a higher vibration. And so does Derek. All 3 of them do things to keep the peace in their life. Nina does yoga, Derek meditates, Riawna creates vision boards. If you look at their lives they don’t have the drama in them. Riawna is living her dream of opening her own hair salon. Nina does yoga- so regardless of all the petty drama with her fans, she always rises above it. Derek always wanted to pursue acting and now he’s finally getting the chance to on Nashville!

These aren’t coincidences, they are examples of people who took control of their own lives, did the work necessary and made lasting changes. I don’t think for a second Derek had an easy go at life, or that Nina and Riawna had a walk in the park either. They all faced adversities, but the difference was how they handled it.

It’s like that quote by Shakespeare “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.” You can look at adversity in different ways . If you take your darkest moments and learn from them- a “flood” can lead to fortune. But if you chose to ignore it and not face it – you will always be unhappy and keep facing the SAME challenges.

I really thought Nina or Riawna would show Jules how to get in a positive space- but judging by what keeps happening, she still has a way to go. I love Jules, but the same situation keeps repeating. Jules says or does something and doesn’t fully think it out and suffers the consequences. She is misrepresenting herself.

All these experiences are a way of showing her there’s a problem. If you chose to ignore what the universe is telling you- the universe just makes it harder on you.

I’ll be honest when I see people say rude stuff about Jules I used to get upset, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise because they are the push she needs to change. Also the thing is – in life we can’t change others. Jules is the only one that can change Jules. I can write this article, Riawna can try to help her, Derek can give advice but unless she is ready to change, the outer circumstances will stay the same.

I guess if anyone is reading this- just know there is a way out of any situation, but first you have to recognize what it is trying to teach you. If you’re in a bad relationship, you probably need to learn self love, if your having money problems- you need to feel more deserving…etc, if you have cancer it means you have to much built up resentment. Our outward circumstances are only a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Everything situation in life can get better, the problem is most people want a quick fix. 90% of people reading this will want to change- but a year from now they’ll be in the same spot. The surroundings- but the feelings won’t. Then there’s the second set of people, the ones that have had enough, they’re the 10%. The ones that are willing to do whatever it takes to improve their lives. They may not know exactly what the next step will be, but they make the effort anyways. Those are the people like Derek, Nina & Riawna (who even though it wasn’t always easy- but they never gave up on themselves). The question is what group will you fall into?

Even if you don’t know every step of the way- just trust the process. Trust that things will be better one day- even if you feel like giving up keep the faith. Faith does a funny thing- it gives us the strength to continue even on our worst days.

A good place to start is meditation. Meditation will help anyone. It will be hard at first because there’s so many negative thoughts, but eventually you’ll see yourself getting more positive. And before you know it you won’t recognize the person you used to be.

Another thing is start eating healthy. Start taking care of your body- exercise, go outside, eat the right foods. Stay away from fast food, dairy & meats- they all lower our vibration. Eat natural foods instead of processed. I guarantee you will feel better! I’ve never heard anyone say they felt worse after eating some vegetables 🙂

and most of all…give yourself a break- try to not be so hard on yourself. Make peace with any past mistakes you’ve made, and realize today is a fresh start 🙂

But seriously Jules- if you give Tommy a 5 next week i’m gonna cry 😦

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What Do The Washington Capitals & Jules Have In Common?


Someone had posted a paparazzi photo of Jules out walking in LA…and usually I don’t pay much attention to them…but it had my precious Lexi in it!!! I haven’t seen a photo of that dog in nearly 50 days so I couldn’t believe it! Can’t believe i’m saying this but thank you paparazzi.

Here is the picture…


But here’s the interesting part…who is that guy walking with Jules? Now I wouldn’t go to this much trouble to do a post about some guy if I thought he was just some random. His name is Brooks Laich and he plays for the Washington Capitals. I’m guessing he met Jules somehow through her costar of her last movie Curve. But don’t know the exact details.

I know what everyone is thinking….don’t jump to conclusions Maria!…for all you know he could be just a friend or he just happened to be at the same place as Jules. But I actually can back up my claims…

Jules took her niece Paris to NYC for her birthday (around the beginning of January). They decided to go see a NYR game while they were there. (and Julianne wears a Caps jersey to a NYR game…coincidence…i think not)


I didn’t really know Julianne was a hockey fan, so I thought it was kind of random when she posted a picture of her & Paris at the game. But now it all makes sense…for me if I was in NYC and went to a NYR game, I wouldn’t wear a jersey of the opposing team..it would make sense you’re in NYC root for the home team … that’s unless you are seeing a player on the Caps team.  And Julianne’s numerology for this year backs up my assumptions. Jules is in a #6 year & that is one where you develop relationships. I wouldn’t write this post if I didn’t think this was the real deal…there are too many rumors that go around..but I think there’s at least some truth to this.

and let’s be real…Julianne just followed him on twitter…so that right there is all the proof I need.

Honestly i’m really happy for Jules. He actually seems like a great guy- he’s very family oriented like Julianne is & seems to have his priorities straight. I’m happy that she isn’t dating someone as in the public eye as Ryan was anymore. As much as Jules is in the spotlight…she’s also a very private person. So I think this will be good for her. Initially I thought “nooo jules …take more time to figure things out” but Julianne really seemed to make some positive changes so far in 2014..so maybe she’s ready for a new relationship.

& hey if Ryan can move on with some 23 year old bimbo (seriously Ryan? come on…) then it’s time Julianne does too. But I will say this…I hope Julianne doesn’t loose herself in a relationship. I think when she was with Ryan she was who Ryan wanted her to be…and you can only not be true to yourself for so long before it gets old. This guy seems to have the same values as Jules which is important. Ryan was too focused on his career where with Julianne family is her top priority…if she had to choose between the fame & her family…it wouldn’t even be a close call.

So I wish Jules the best…my opinion doesn’t matter in the least…she should do what makes her happy & remember Jules- stay true to yourself. You have good values & morals…so don’t change for anyone!

& he better treat Julianne, Lexi & Harley good…or else. I think this guy will actually treat her with respect…so we’ll see how it goes. I just want the best for Jules…so he better not mess it up..she’s been through enough already!

…if Lexi approves …I approve!

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts…what do I know? Draw your own conclusions… 🙂

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Be Kind…

On Sunday Julianne posted the Kind Campaign‘s ‘Kind Challenge’.


  • The Kind Campaign is a charity that Julianne supports. They bring awareness to how we as women &  girls can be catty, hateful and downright mean to one another. They say the solution is simple: “STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and to BE KIND“. I love the last part…just be kind.  I think what they are doing is great.  We as women should support each other…we live in a society where women are judged enough already, the last thing we have to do is make it any worse on one another.
  • Now I  have failed miserably so far in 2014 for being kind. I called one of Julianne’s friends (Cara) a fame whore because I didn’t think she had the same values as Jules. Next I got involved with the Nian feud. But today is a new day…and i’m ready to make a change.
  • The important thing to remember is that kindness starts with you. Too often we wait for others to take the first step (myself included). But what I love about the Kind Campaign is that they put the power back in your hands.  We cannot change how other people treat us (there will still be hateful people out there no matter what) but what we can change is ourselves.  
  • Being kind is easier said than done. It’s hard when the default is to gossip and talk about others. It’s hard when everyone else is participating. But if no one stands up & says enough is enough …it will never end. It can’t all be done overnight, but what you can do is start by saying one nice thing to someone like in the Kind Campaign challenge.  You may not think it makes any difference…but it does.Those kind words could change someone’s entire day. Then maybe they’ll pay it forward to someone else….and before you know it ..we’re getting somewhere.

How to be more kind….


Don’t take things personally

    • You can’t control what other people say or do, but what you can control is how you react. When someone says something mean to you- you have 2 choices: to get upset OR not let it affect you. People think if they don’t react to something that they are condoning it. No you are just deciding that your happiness is more important.


Be accountable for what you say / do (i.e. don’t blame others)

  • This one is probably the hardest for me. It is so easy to put the blame on someone else. How often do we justify why we were mean to someone or why we called them a name? There’s no excuse for hate. Hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to how you treat people. It’s funny once you are nice to others…like magic they’re a little nicer to you.


Understand that what you put out there…always comes back to you (multiplied!)

  • You can call it karma or whatever you want but just remember what you put out is what you get back. If you are hateful to others…you will get it back tenfold. It may not be immediately..but sooner or later karma will even the score. That is why I meditate and go to yoga..it helps me get rid of the hate…so if you are having trouble with this…try yoga 🙂


Start by making small changes

  • Remember you don’t have to change the world…instead just make small changes. Start with holding the door open for a stranger or being a little nicer to the cashier at the supermarket. Even if you can get rid of 50% of the hate…you’re making progress!

I am doing the ‘kindness challenge’ because I want to be a better role model for my niece. I don’t want her to be a part of the problem or think it’s ok to put down another kid when she goes to school. I want her to look up to me for the right reasons.

Whatever your reasons are…be kind (it makes all the difference).


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