Nina Dobrev Leaves The Vampire Diaries

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To be honest i’m so sad because I get overly attached to tv series. There are only a few that I watch religiously (Breaking Bad, Suits, TVD + some others)

When Breaking Bad ended I was legit depressed for a few weeks. Everyone can relate when you watch a series on Netflix or DVD and you watch 3 seasons in one day and then all of the sudden you realize you have to wait months for the new episodes to air on tv. Except in this case …who knows if TVD will even go on?

I mean when a main character exits a show how do rewrite such a big part of it? Personally I won’t be watching it anymore.

There’s a couple reasons this happened. I mean numerology never lies. Life goes in cycles 2015 is a number 9 year for Nina and 9 represents the end of a cycle. It is when you cut ties with anything that no longer serves you in life. The number 9 year was one of the most challenging ones of my life. It causes you to really evaluate where you’ve been, where you’re headed etc. And if you chose to avoid the confrontation life just makes it that much harder for you.

It’s bittersweet…because a #1 year will bring you so many wonderful new experiences, but first you have to cut ties with major aspects of your life. For Nina she has done the same tv series for 6 years, lived in the same place, surrounded by the same people. Now all of the sudden she has to leave the comfortable for the unknown.

Some of you know my passion for astrology. So I also relate a lot of what goes on to the transits we all experience. Nina’s ascendant is in Capricorn. 2013 -2015 has been a brutal time for anyone with planets in cardinal signs (Capricorn, Libra, Aries or Cancer) because of the grand cross formation. Not only is her ascendant in Capricorn, her Sun is there too.

Now to add to all this pluto is currently in Capricorn. And I have my ascendant in Capricorn too, so I feel her pain. The past 3 years of my life have involved a lot of soul searching and complete upheaval. Pluto isn’t a superficial planet, it gets right down to the core. And it doesn’t have a gentle, “here let me help you get on another path” approach. It’s more like “like me take away anything that isn’t working, and let you pick up the pieces”.

Now the bright side of all this is that after this transit you have a new found personal power. You have a stronger sense of self, new found clarity- but first you have to pick up all the pieces after pluto comes around.

I think this was a hard decision for Nina. Because not only does she have herself to consider, she also has an entire cast whose futures might be in jeopardy too. Personally I don’t see the series continuing much longer. Maybe another year or so, but I think it’s ran it’s course.

The fact that Nina can’t even do one thing without thousands of fans scrutinizing every detail could be part of the problem. I think Nina had to cut ties with that show because she learned all there was to learn. And in order to move on to the next phase of her life she needed to get away from that group and the fans.  It would be very hard to have any relationships when you get the backlash from some crazy 15 year old fans.

I think it’s bittersweet for Nina…there will probably be moments when she questions if this is the right decision or not. I’m sure the cast won’t be as close anymore, but sometimes the temporary uncertainty is worth the happiness down the road.

2015 will be a bit of a challenge for Nina, but don’t worry better things are yet to come. 2016-2018 will represent a time of new beginnings.

As for the show I don’t see it continuing much longer. The show is in it’s 7th year. 7 is considered one of the most unlucky numbers in Chinese culture. That’s why a lot of marriages fail after 7 years, because it is more a spiritual year of reevaluation. So I think if anything by 2017 (the 9th year) this show will be done. I think it will run the 6th season and maybe think about producing a 7th, but after that there’s not much hope. They’ve lost half their fan base anyways. Do I think it was a selfish decision? maybe a little bit . But sometimes you have to do what’s best for yourself and your life in order to move forward.

Maybe we should all focus a little bit more on our own lives instead of a storyline from between fictional characters? (myself included 😉 )

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