Riawna & Morgan

Haven’t written on here in awhile…sorry guys.

I haven’t been on twitter much, life has been crazy. But when I logged on I saw this photo. To be honest I did not see this coming. I thought Riawna and Morgan were just good friends!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.42.33 PM

Now I was raised Catholic- my mom made us go to church every sunday and say our prayers. Probably if she saw this photo she would pass judgement because she is very set in her beliefs.  I have struggled with the Catholic faith a lot because I think it divides people rather than bringing them together. Actually I struggle with the whole concept of man made religion.  I think it’s good to have faith. You need to believe in something greater than yourself. It’s good to have something to help you during the challenging times. But I think there is a big problem with religion that is sometimes overlooked.

I’m a very spiritual person, I would say I believe in God, but not necessarily the idea of God that Catholics have. I think God is universal, He is all accepting. He seeks to bring people together and create harmony on earth.  He is non judgemental and helps people to understand their truth. That is not exactly what the Catholic idea of God is.  The Catholic religion has many cracks and I think they are becoming more apparent then ever. They have a strict set of rules and if you don’t follow them you should fear the consequences. If you don’t do A, B & C- God will condemn you, you will go to hell etc…does that sound like a loving God to you?

And these people that claim they are religious are usually the ones passing all the judgement.   They claim their religion is loving yet reject those that don’t conform. I think a lot of it has to do with fear and insecurity. They think they need to be part of a group to be worthy.  Spirituality and religion are very different, and once I became spiritual I found it difficult to accept religion.

I think Riawna and Morgan should do whatever makes them happy. If they wake up in the morning and are at peace with their soul then they shouldn’t give a damn what others think.  There will always be people who judge your choices in life, but if you can become immune to the negativity, you’re on the right path (easier said than done right? 🙂 )

And as for these people who judge their choices in life, they need to focus a little more on their own life and worry less about what someone else is doing. One of my best friends is gay and people automatically stereotype him. It’s always “oh he’s your gay best friend…you two must love going shopping together” No he is just my friend who happens to be gay but that is not the only thing that defines him . There is more to him than just who he choses to date. I feel like everyone should have the choice to live a life that makes them happy.

I do feel like people are becoming more accepting these days, but there’s still a long way to go.

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