Derek Hough & Kate Hudson?

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.51.51 PM photo credit: Now before everyone gets all upset and says “who are you to speculate on Derek’s private life” …i just want to say my opinion has no bearing on Derek’s life ! Whether or not Derek & Kate are together I’ll never know 100%. But life is ironic sometimes. When Jules challenged Kate to join their dance wars this year I somehow ended up clicking on Kate’s instagram and thought “her and Derek would be such a good match”….fast forward a week or so & here we are 🙂  Now again I know nothing about Derek’s personal life, they could just be friends. But like I said I was looking at Kate’s instagram and saw that she was into Buddhism and all this spiritual shit…so is Derek 🙂

Derek needs someone like that- someone who operates at a higher vibration.. who doesn’t see things in life just as black and white..someone who can see the greater meaning.  I am into astrology so I was taking a look at Derek’s birth chart (haha now doesn’t that seem creepy) but I just think there is so much more to people than what meets the eye. Derek is always so private about his personal life so I wanted to understand why.

So here’s Derek’s birth chart:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.23.14 PM The first thing I noticed is that the majority of his personal planets (Sun, Moon etc.) are all on the bottom half of the chart. This shows someone who is introverted by nature and prefers periods of solitude and time alone. Someone who is protective of their inner world and lets very few people in.

The next thing (and probably one of the most important things to mention about his chart) is that his moon is at 29 degrees. When a planet is at 29 degrees it is a very karmic point.  There are only 30 degrees in each sign. This placement shows that we are so close to learning a lesson in this lifetime that we may have struggled with in past lifetimes. It may represent an “old soul” – someone whose been here before, learned a few things but hasn’t quite mastered one particular issue.  Now I have a planet at 29 degrees to so I can speak from personal experience- it isn’t always the easiest thing. Karma is something that cannot be avoided…you either need to face it or heal it…or it will continue to make your life hell. With the moon at 29 degrees Aries it means that the energy of that sign is at it’s weakest point.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.34.24 AM

The moon represents our emotions. Emotions are something Derek struggles with in this lifetime. Also because the moon is in the 1st house it shows us what area of life that the struggles will manifest. The 1st house represents how we portray ourself to the world, our basic identity, the house of self. Now with the moon at the critical 29th degree in the 1st house there shows that there is a constant struggle between letting others in and keeping them out. There may be an intense fear that if people know to much that our sense of personal security will be threatened.

With Aries at the 29th degree there is a struggle to develop boundaries with people, especially within their own family. Derek needs to learn to put his needs first instead of always putting his family first. He has to realize that his desires, his goals and needs are just as important as say Jules, his mom, his sisters etc. That there are boundaries- he can still be a great brother, son, etc…while pursuing his own goals. There is also this feeling that family is a security blanket and he may be scared to branch out from that…but until he severes some ties, he will not be able to grow. It can be painful, there can be a feeling of having to chose one side or the other…but that’s karma for you 🙂 Also back on the topic of boundaries- Derek needs to develop healthy boundaries with people. He is a very private person…but in this life we need others to grow. We need to let others in- and like I said I have a planet at 29 degrees , so I can relate to the struggle. We have to show others all sides of ourselves in order to overcome our karma.  To find a balance with emotions…to learn to trust others intentions.

I guess karma is two fold- on one hand it is hell when you are not “aware”. You can start feeling like “why me” why does all this BS keep happening to me, while others have such an easy path. But once i accepted my karma and began to work through it I started to see it as a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t for those hard lessons, I would have never found inner peace. I would have never started meditating, never seen the bigger picture. So I think in a lot of ways karma has been a saving grace (but trust me I haven’t always felt that way 😉 ) .

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.31.14 AM

Now here’s where Kate Hudson comes in. Whether or not Kate and Derek are “together” or not I have no clue . But I will say that Kate Hudson is a very significant person in Derek’s life and vice versa. Kate Hudson has her own demons to face in this lifetime and that is why I think she turned to spirituality as a way to cope. Same with Derek. Now Kate’s Sun is at the exact same point (Aries 29 degrees) as Derek’s moon. This is probably one of the most binding aspects between two individuals…now it doesn’t mean they “are meant to be” but disregarding everything else , when your moon is at the same point as someone else’s sun it shows a great feeling of support. It is the unity of the two planets and they are able to gain strength from each other.  Derek may feel like Kate “gets him”. Not on the superficial level…not in the way all his fans see him…but she understands the inner struggles he’s faced because she has faced them too.  And it is at a very karmic point too, meaning that maybe they were meant to meet each other in this lifetime.

Disclaimer: I don’t want people to assume they are together, they may just be friends- but  I think they were meant to cross paths for a reason. There is a karmic lesson in it for both of them. Kate can help Derek along his spiritual path and vice versa. They both have lessons to learn, and when you are ready to learn a lesson the right person appears. Usually people who are spiritual in nature haven’t got to that point by chance. They have got there through karma- because they are trying to find a way to overcome the challenges they face. I think Kate and Derek are good for each other- as partners, friends or whatever they may be, they both can learn so much from each other 🙂

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