What I Really Think About Jules’ New Shape Cover…

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Ok the first thing I want to say is ..I love Jules & this post is not meant to be hurtful or judgemental. I think Jules is a great person, just this cover does not portray her trueself.

I was so happy that Jules got to be on the cover of Shape magazine for December! That’s 2 times in one year!  When I saw the cover my initial thoughts were “WTF” and then “When did Shape magazine become Playboy?”.

Ever since Jules broke up with Ryan back in February of last year, some crazy things have been happening.  What amazes me most is that not ONE family member or friend told Jules the truth. I find it so hard to believe that when Bruce or Sharee looked at this cover and were okay with it.  Or that one of Jules’ friend didn’t tell her that maybe this is sending the wrong message and goes against everything she has worked towards with her charity.

Jules recently partnered with Plan – a charity that focuses on giving girls an education and equality for women. How is that cover “equality for women”?

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It is sending the message that if you are a woman and want to sell magazines or be successful, you have to pose like that.  It is a complete contradiction of everything Kind campaign and Plan stand for. Honestly Jules if you want to pose like that- do Playboy, they pay better.

Will Shape magazine sell a lot of copies ? Probably. Will people love it? Probably. Is it good for Jules? no.

I just think when you have to start compromising your values or integrity for fame- that’s a sign you’re heading down the wrong path. People with true talent do not need to do this. I think Jules is an amazing dancer, can sing, act etc. …so work on developing those talents more- not posing for a cover like that.  Jules has to start focusing on fixing what is going on within. Or the same situations will keep happening. When her & Ryan broke up I think a part of her just wanted to be like “i’m going to do me…f*ck what everyone thinks” . That’s a normal response, but a year later and this is still going on?

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 3.04.37 AM

If Jules wants more fame or popularity by doing all this stuff she can get it. But will it be the right kind? no. She’ll have fans- but it will be people who like her for all the wrong reasons.  I just think Jules has to take some time off and focus on herself. Gain better self esteem so she will never feel like she has to do certain things to have a career. I think Jules is lost right now- and is trying to do whatever it takes to have other people’s approval.

Until she does yoga, meditates or gets completely honest about what she wants in live…the SAME situations will keep repeating. And I just want the best for Jules, but if she doesn’t make some changes she will never be happy.

(but i’m still going to buy it …lexi is featured in this one!!! )

…and then there’s Kim Kardashian. Don’t even get me started on her . You have an 18 month old & pull that kind of stuff.  I’m sorry her 15 minutes was up a long time ago. She’s a complete fame whore and will do whatever it takes to stay relevant.  (but that’s a completely different post 🙂 )

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