Be very selective to who you give your energy to…

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We all have those people in our lives that drain our energy. The ones that no matter what happens will always look at the glass as half empty. This post may seem a little insensitive, but i just want to share my experiences so maybe they someone else doesn’t fall into the same trap.

About a week or so ago a “friend” was complaining about how people made her mad, her job, basically her whole life in general. And here’s the thing- I genuinely wanted to help her. So I told her the basic truth that I learned over the years. And that was that we are 100% responsible for the circumstances in our life. If you are at a job you hate- somewhere down the line you created that scenario. Maybe on a conscious level, maybe on a subconscious level. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t the greatest, it means on some level maybe you don’t love yourself.

So anyways I told my “friend” …”it’s what is going on within you that is creating this outward circumstances.” That you can’t worry about changing other people, just yourself” And then the pity party continued…”you don’t understand, you don’t get it …don’t judge my life etc.” Again this isn’t meant to sound insensitive and trust me I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom. But if you stay in this perpetual pity party …fast forward 5 years & you’ll be in the exact same spot.

I guess this is more like a rant, because as I started meditating and doing yoga- I developed such a low tolerance for people’s negative bullshit. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with this person’s’s just you have to ask yourself – when is enough enough? If you leave a conversation with someone feeling horrible or completely drained it’s not a good sign.

Now everybody has their bad days, life isn’t always easy…but it’s the people who can NEVER see the bright side of things that upset me. So many people claim “I want to change, I want things to be different” ..yet continue doing the EXACT SAME thing every day. If you want a different life, you’re going to have to change something. If you want a new job- go out and look for one. If you want to lose weight ..go to a gym. People think that “hoping things will get better” is going to change things…it won’t. You can post as many inspirational quotes as you want- but if you don’t actually follow them it does nothing.

Moral of the story : Let go of the people in your life who are not good for your spirit.

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