Number 44 Numerology

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You have a Master number in numerology 🙂

Your birthdate adds up to 44 (any number which repeats itself …11, 22, 33 and 44 are considered Master numbers and they hold great potential for the individual, if the energy is used correctly)

November 12, 1983
= 11+12+1983
**usually we don’t reduce master numbers because they stand on their own, but if we reduce it farther it would give us …

Although all Master numbers in numerology hold great potential, we must work through certain challenges first before we can reach the highest vibration of our number. The number 44 is all about finding balance. There is a constant struggle between the rational mind and the spiritual world. On one hand you believe there is something greater than yourself, but because the number 4 is very materialistic and focuses primarily on the physical plane it is hard sometimes for you to put your faith in something intangible. But in order to find inner peace you must nuture your spiritual side while going after your goals.

The key also with the number 44 is to understand that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Even though sometimes you may feel like you aren’t making any progress…remember each experience is like a brick in the solid foundation you are building.  You have to avoid being so hard on yourself- cut yourself a break sometimes.  Where other numbers are focused on fun, joy etc. …there is a serious tone to the 4. This can result in great achievements but it can also create a feeling like “i’m never doing enough…i need to more” That is why it is so important to tune into your spiritual side. You have great intuition, but it is something you often reject because there is no physical proof. Learn to trust your gut more about people and situations. If you meet someone and something feels off…trust that feeling.

Also with any Master number there is a tendency to isolate from the world. This is because their is a difference in vibration. Most people don’t see things in the same light as a person with a Master number. They can’t see the bigger picture…so because of this gap in thinking it is so easy for a person with a Master number to retreat into their own personal world. But this is one of the main challenges must overcome before they can reach true happiness in this lifetime.  So next time you feel like it would be easier to do something alone, invite a friend 🙂  Also we learn our greatest lessons through our encounters with others. There are certain things we need to all learn on a karmic level & we can’t do that in isolation.

Also, in your astrology chart it shows a square between pluto and the moon …the moon represents our emotions and pluto represents intensity, transformation and has a scorpio effect. When the two combine it means you can experience very intense emotions. Their is a deep hidden resentment towards something that happened in your past, whether it be in childhood or at another time. Maybe there was a point where someone didn’t give you the emotional nuturance you needed. Because of that experience you tend to put a guard up when it comes to other people. A lot of the times you don’t trust other people’s intentions and as a way of protecting yourself you isolate from the world.

In relationships there may be a struggle with completely letting another person in. You like to control what another person knows about you. It’s almost like a double standard at times, because you expect people to be completely transparent with you, however you are unwilling to do the same because you fear getting hurt. This is something that must be worked through before you can achieve true happiness .  (I have this aspect too, so I know the pain 🙂 ) But meditation and yoga can help us break through these barriers.

If you can…

1) Avoid turning to isolation and truly let others into your world

2) Find a balance between the material plane and the spiritual plane (nuture both sides of you)

3)Give yourself a break

You can achieve great things 🙂 The 44 number holds so much potential! But often times with any Master number a person has to work through certain things that are holding them back first.

When a number 44 operates at it’s highest frequency it represents someone who is a true Alchemist.

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Just remember that sometimes we need to experience certain setbacks in life because it gives us a true understanding of what happiness really is.  That is why sometimes Master life path people think “why do i keep attracting this situations” is because through these experiences you can really help others later in your journey .

You are on the right path- you have started to realize the link between your thoughts and how they create your experience. So if you feel like you haven’t made much progress- understand that you have! There is great potential and you are someone who can transform society for the better, so never lose sight of that 🙂

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2 Responses to Number 44 Numerology

  1. Geybie says:

    Thank you so much, hon. This is definitely the best birthday gift for me. Love this. Yeah. You are right. I need to learn to trust people more. Thank you, hon. Love you. Hugs. Have a great day. :))

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