Happy Birthday Vinny!

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So about 5 years ago I started watching the show “Jersey Shore” on MTV. Now I know people are going to judge me & say how can you watch that garbage? But I love reality shows 🙂 It was basically a bunch of people drinking, partying & hooking up all summer, but I enjoyed watching it because you got to see the dynamics between 8 strangers change over the summer. Yes the show was edited & some scenes were probably rehearsed but I think a lot of emotions were genuine. You saw the breakdown of a relationship between Ronnie & Sam…Angelina lashing out at the other roommates, Mikes’ battle with addiction, Nicole’s struggle with drinking & low self-esteem. The show aired for 6 seasons I think…so it was nice to see how everyone changed over the years.

Anyways back on topic…about 5 years ago I realized that I could pick up on people’s energy. I could see pass the b.s they feed to the world & understand what they’re really about. That is where my interest in astrology & numerology began. I wanted to understand people’s true nature.

So as I was watching Jersey Shore, I noticed that Vinny had a different type of energy compared to the rest of them. As everyone else was fighting or getting involved in drama, Vinny found a way to rise above it.

That’s when I researched Vinny’s birthday & began to understand why…

So the next post will be about Vinny’s numerology based on his birthday 🙂

Honestly if I could marry one person…it’d be Vinny. (yes because he’s cute, but also he has a really great outlook on life)

But let me back that up with some numerology! Numerology is used a lot in Chinese culture, the Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to numbers…a lot of apartments/condos in China don’t even have a 13th floor because 1+3=4 and the number “4” in Chinese sounds literally like the word “death”. So often when Chinese people are looking for houses they will not even look at one if it has the number 4 in the address. Same with phone numbers, license plates etc.

Life goes in cycles, that’s why some years it may seem like it’s just one bad thing after another, while others are smooth sailing. Numerology is based on the premise that life goes in 9 year cycles. 1 representing the beginning & 9 representing the end.

So let’s take a look at Vinny’s numerology …

Birthdate: November 11, 1987

=29 (2+9)
=11 (also 2)

Now the number 11 is considered a “Master number” …it means you operate at a higher vibration than the other numbers. The 11 people have great potential in this lifetime (if the use the energy of this number correctly). The whole “11:11 make a wish” is actually based in numerology. Number 11 people have the ability to see things in a different light. But the important thing to remember with this number is that yes it has great potential, but it’s all what the person makes of it.

The number 11 is the most compassionate number in numerology. These are the people who will do anything to help others! They are very empathetic individuals because they pick up the emotions of their surroundings. Unlike that friend who says “yeah yeah i understand” , these people truly feel your pain as if it’s their own. On the flip side though there is a tendency towards anxiety & depression with this number as well. Because these people are so sensitive to their environment, it’s almost like they’re a sponge for everyone’s emotions…and sometimes it gets too much to handle. They can start to feel depressed or anxious for no reason.

Another reason “Master numbers” such as the #11 are prone to anxiety & depression is that like I said before they operate at a higher vibration. Our world has primarily a negative energy, it is slowly shifting, but still there is a lot of negativity. So when you mix a positive energy with a negative one, they are out of alignment. So the difference in alignment results in depression. It’s like how a baby always cries…because they are not yet used to the negative vibration of the world. We all have a pure energy when we enter this world, that slowly adjusts.

A number 11 person sees things differently. They aren’t so concerned with the material world. Yes Vinny has a Lambogini and made millions, but that will not make him happy. That’s why I don’t see Vinny marrying someone like the girls he dates. I see him with someone like his mom, someone down to earth.

Number 11 people are “old souls” meaning they have been through many lifetimes before. Have you ever met a child that seems wise beyond his years…yep that’s an old soul. They carry the wisdom they gained in previous lives into this one with them. They’ve experienced the lower vibrations of life such as materialism, power etc. …this time around they are more concerned with being true to to themselves. That’s why I think Vinny could care less about the fame & success. He’s more interested in finding his purpose. Being on Jersey Shore was just a stepping stone to help him achieve those things. I don’t think Vinny did Jersey Shore for the money, I think he felt he could make an impact on society in some way or learn more about his nature & others.

Also Vinny is really close to his family which I love! That is another characteristic of an old soul. An old soul will meet a lot of different people in this lifetime, but have only a few people they trust. They tend to meet people when they’re at their lowest point. That is because the #11 is there to teach others lessons in this lifetime. To help them reach the next level on their soul’s journey. They will often wonder why people come & go a lot of the time from their lives. It’s because the old soul is there to teach others a particular lesson and once they learn it they progress to the next stage of their life.

Again it’s all about perception- you can make peace with the situation and let people go or you can become bitter that they constantly leave you…it’s all up to you. That’s the 2 different ends of the spectrum with the #11.

Now Vinny’s numerology is something I have never come across & represents someone with great potential.

The numbers 11, 22 & 33 are all master numbers.

Vinny was born in the 11th month, the 11th day and his birthdate adds up to the number 11 too! Also november 11th = 11+11, which = 22 (is also a master number). Vinny don’t waste this potential!

The next part of this post will explain the type of year Vinny was in for 2014.

So Vinny was in a #9 year for 2014…#9 represents the ending of a cycle. For me my number 9 year was brutal. It can be especially challenging if you are resistant to change. In order to begin a new cycle in 2015, you have to clear away anything that isn’t working in your life. And you may have gone along with it for awhile, but the number 9 year is forcing you to end things that no longer serve you a purpose. It can mean the ending of a relationship, a way of life, a career…and it’s hard because it can come rather suddenly or a series of events can cause a complete breakdown of everything. A #9 year can really make you question what you’re doing. When everything is falling apart (not literally, but on a psychological or emotional level) it can be a really trying time. But don’t worry next year will bring new beginnings Vinny 🙂 Maybe a new relationship, a new project to work on…but right now it is all about getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Also Vinny is a scorpio and scorpio is a fixed sign which means they aren’t fond of change…so this year I think will not be the easiest for him.

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