WHY Jules!!

I haven’t posted here in awhile (about 8 months to be exact!)

This post is about my thoughts of tonight’s DWTS episode.

I’ll admit I was cringing half the time as I watched. I mean the dancing wasn’t the greatest, the judges were pretty harsh and the whole night was just plain awkward.

I’m going to address mostly the comments people have about Jules and her judging. I will say that there are some things she should have never said. There is constructive criticism and then there’s mean comments that affect a person’s self esteem.

Now I don’t think for a second Jules meant to come across the way she did. People have to remember it’s a LIVE show. So there’s no playback, no editing- whatever is said gets broadcast to millions that very second. Jules works for charities such as The Kind Campaign, Plan (which helps girls)- all which promote kindness to others. So I don’t think she intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or come across harsh- but that’s the way it all worked out.

But there’s a greater lesson in this (i love spiritual shit- so if it’s not your cup of tea, please stop here 🙂 ).

If a scenario keeps repeating over & over again in your life- that is a sign from the universe that you need to fundamentally change something. In Jules’ case it’s saying things that you don’t really mean and misrepresenting yourself. Now Jules’ friends (like Riawna and Nina) operate at a higher vibration. And so does Derek. All 3 of them do things to keep the peace in their life. Nina does yoga, Derek meditates, Riawna creates vision boards. If you look at their lives they don’t have the drama in them. Riawna is living her dream of opening her own hair salon. Nina does yoga- so regardless of all the petty drama with her fans, she always rises above it. Derek always wanted to pursue acting and now he’s finally getting the chance to on Nashville!

These aren’t coincidences, they are examples of people who took control of their own lives, did the work necessary and made lasting changes. I don’t think for a second Derek had an easy go at life, or that Nina and Riawna had a walk in the park either. They all faced adversities, but the difference was how they handled it.

It’s like that quote by Shakespeare “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.” You can look at adversity in different ways . If you take your darkest moments and learn from them- a “flood” can lead to fortune. But if you chose to ignore it and not face it – you will always be unhappy and keep facing the SAME challenges.

I really thought Nina or Riawna would show Jules how to get in a positive space- but judging by what keeps happening, she still has a way to go. I love Jules, but the same situation keeps repeating. Jules says or does something and doesn’t fully think it out and suffers the consequences. She is misrepresenting herself.

All these experiences are a way of showing her there’s a problem. If you chose to ignore what the universe is telling you- the universe just makes it harder on you.

I’ll be honest when I see people say rude stuff about Jules I used to get upset, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise because they are the push she needs to change. Also the thing is – in life we can’t change others. Jules is the only one that can change Jules. I can write this article, Riawna can try to help her, Derek can give advice but unless she is ready to change, the outer circumstances will stay the same.

I guess if anyone is reading this- just know there is a way out of any situation, but first you have to recognize what it is trying to teach you. If you’re in a bad relationship, you probably need to learn self love, if your having money problems- you need to feel more deserving…etc, if you have cancer it means you have to much built up resentment. Our outward circumstances are only a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Everything situation in life can get better, the problem is most people want a quick fix. 90% of people reading this will want to change- but a year from now they’ll be in the same spot. The surroundings- but the feelings won’t. Then there’s the second set of people, the ones that have had enough, they’re the 10%. The ones that are willing to do whatever it takes to improve their lives. They may not know exactly what the next step will be, but they make the effort anyways. Those are the people like Derek, Nina & Riawna (who even though it wasn’t always easy- but they never gave up on themselves). The question is what group will you fall into?

Even if you don’t know every step of the way- just trust the process. Trust that things will be better one day- even if you feel like giving up keep the faith. Faith does a funny thing- it gives us the strength to continue even on our worst days.

A good place to start is meditation. Meditation will help anyone. It will be hard at first because there’s so many negative thoughts, but eventually you’ll see yourself getting more positive. And before you know it you won’t recognize the person you used to be.

Another thing is start eating healthy. Start taking care of your body- exercise, go outside, eat the right foods. Stay away from fast food, dairy & meats- they all lower our vibration. Eat natural foods instead of processed. I guarantee you will feel better! I’ve never heard anyone say they felt worse after eating some vegetables 🙂

and most of all…give yourself a break- try to not be so hard on yourself. Make peace with any past mistakes you’ve made, and realize today is a fresh start 🙂

But seriously Jules- if you give Tommy a 5 next week i’m gonna cry 😦

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