What Do The Washington Capitals & Jules Have In Common?


Someone had posted a paparazzi photo of Jules out walking in LA…and usually I don’t pay much attention to them…but it had my precious Lexi in it!!! I haven’t seen a photo of that dog in nearly 50 days so I couldn’t believe it! Can’t believe i’m saying this but thank you paparazzi.

Here is the picture…


But here’s the interesting part…who is that guy walking with Jules? Now I wouldn’t go to this much trouble to do a post about some guy if I thought he was just some random. His name is Brooks Laich and he plays for the Washington Capitals. I’m guessing he met Jules somehow through her costar of her last movie Curve. But don’t know the exact details.

I know what everyone is thinking….don’t jump to conclusions Maria!…for all you know he could be just a friend or he just happened to be at the same place as Jules. But I actually can back up my claims…

Jules took her niece Paris to NYC for her birthday (around the beginning of January). They decided to go see a NYR game while they were there. (and Julianne wears a Caps jersey to a NYR game…coincidence…i think not)


I didn’t really know Julianne was a hockey fan, so I thought it was kind of random when she posted a picture of her & Paris at the game. But now it all makes sense…for me if I was in NYC and went to a NYR game, I wouldn’t wear a jersey of the opposing team..it would make sense you’re in NYC root for the home team … that’s unless you are seeing a player on the Caps team.  And Julianne’s numerology for this year backs up my assumptions. Jules is in a #6 year & that is one where you develop relationships. I wouldn’t write this post if I didn’t think this was the real deal…there are too many rumors that go around..but I think there’s at least some truth to this.

and let’s be real…Julianne just followed him on twitter…so that right there is all the proof I need.

Honestly i’m really happy for Jules. He actually seems like a great guy- he’s very family oriented like Julianne is & seems to have his priorities straight. I’m happy that she isn’t dating someone as in the public eye as Ryan was anymore. As much as Jules is in the spotlight…she’s also a very private person. So I think this will be good for her. Initially I thought “nooo jules …take more time to figure things out” but Julianne really seemed to make some positive changes so far in 2014..so maybe she’s ready for a new relationship.

& hey if Ryan can move on with some 23 year old bimbo (seriously Ryan? come on…) then it’s time Julianne does too. But I will say this…I hope Julianne doesn’t loose herself in a relationship. I think when she was with Ryan she was who Ryan wanted her to be…and you can only not be true to yourself for so long before it gets old. This guy seems to have the same values as Jules which is important. Ryan was too focused on his career where with Julianne family is her top priority…if she had to choose between the fame & her family…it wouldn’t even be a close call.

So I wish Jules the best…my opinion doesn’t matter in the least…she should do what makes her happy & remember Jules- stay true to yourself. You have good values & morals…so don’t change for anyone!

& he better treat Julianne, Lexi & Harley good…or else. I think this guy will actually treat her with respect…so we’ll see how it goes. I just want the best for Jules…so he better not mess it up..she’s been through enough already!

…if Lexi approves …I approve!

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts…what do I know? Draw your own conclusions… 🙂

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