Be Kind…

On Sunday Julianne posted the Kind Campaign‘s ‘Kind Challenge’.


  • The Kind Campaign is a charity that Julianne supports. They bring awareness to how we as women &  girls can be catty, hateful and downright mean to one another. They say the solution is simple: “STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and to BE KIND“. I love the last part…just be kind.  I think what they are doing is great.  We as women should support each other…we live in a society where women are judged enough already, the last thing we have to do is make it any worse on one another.
  • Now I  have failed miserably so far in 2014 for being kind. I called one of Julianne’s friends (Cara) a fame whore because I didn’t think she had the same values as Jules. Next I got involved with the Nian feud. But today is a new day…and i’m ready to make a change.
  • The important thing to remember is that kindness starts with you. Too often we wait for others to take the first step (myself included). But what I love about the Kind Campaign is that they put the power back in your hands.  We cannot change how other people treat us (there will still be hateful people out there no matter what) but what we can change is ourselves.  
  • Being kind is easier said than done. It’s hard when the default is to gossip and talk about others. It’s hard when everyone else is participating. But if no one stands up & says enough is enough …it will never end. It can’t all be done overnight, but what you can do is start by saying one nice thing to someone like in the Kind Campaign challenge.  You may not think it makes any difference…but it does.Those kind words could change someone’s entire day. Then maybe they’ll pay it forward to someone else….and before you know it ..we’re getting somewhere.

How to be more kind….


Don’t take things personally

    • You can’t control what other people say or do, but what you can control is how you react. When someone says something mean to you- you have 2 choices: to get upset OR not let it affect you. People think if they don’t react to something that they are condoning it. No you are just deciding that your happiness is more important.


Be accountable for what you say / do (i.e. don’t blame others)

  • This one is probably the hardest for me. It is so easy to put the blame on someone else. How often do we justify why we were mean to someone or why we called them a name? There’s no excuse for hate. Hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to how you treat people. It’s funny once you are nice to others…like magic they’re a little nicer to you.


Understand that what you put out there…always comes back to you (multiplied!)

  • You can call it karma or whatever you want but just remember what you put out is what you get back. If you are hateful to others…you will get it back tenfold. It may not be immediately..but sooner or later karma will even the score. That is why I meditate and go to helps me get rid of the hate…so if you are having trouble with this…try yoga 🙂


Start by making small changes

  • Remember you don’t have to change the world…instead just make small changes. Start with holding the door open for a stranger or being a little nicer to the cashier at the supermarket. Even if you can get rid of 50% of the hate…you’re making progress!

I am doing the ‘kindness challenge’ because I want to be a better role model for my niece. I don’t want her to be a part of the problem or think it’s ok to put down another kid when she goes to school. I want her to look up to me for the right reasons.

Whatever your reasons are…be kind (it makes all the difference).


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One Response to Be Kind…

  1. Thank you so much for these lovely words. Online anonymity allows people to insult others without having to deal with the consequences – unfortunately, we get used to it. But reality just doesn’t work without consequences. So, young people become shy and don’t dare to compliment others outside the safe online community either. I was just writing about this myself.

    And it’s time to see how KINDness works: I’m intending to write a newspaper article about complimenting and its beautiful effects when people actually mean what they say. I try to collect compliments, so if you want to take part – just submit a compliment you recently paid or received by commenting on this post:

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