#WWLJ …Because She Loves Her Family (and we love her family too!)


I decided to do a post every Wednesday on “Why We Love Jules” (#WWLJ) …because if I see one more #wcw post…i’m going to loose it 😦

Like i’ve said before..I am a fan of Julianne’s not only because she is talented, but more importantly she has good character. The truth is you can be the most gorgeous person in the world (according to all these guys with their #wcw) , but if you don’t have the character and personality to back it up…you’re just another pretty face (and they’re a dime a dozen in Hollywood). So after reading this if one person walks away with a different perspective on Julianne…i’m happy!

So instead of #WCW it’s now #WWLJ

Why We Love Jules: She values family.


I love how Julianne values family. I’m not only a Jules fan…I’m a fan of the whole Hough family. If the Hough’s ever take applications to be part of their family…i’ll be first in line lol.

I think the way a person treats their family says a lot about them. Now I know this isn’t the case for everyone..because sometimes there’s special circumstances. But if you don’t treat your own family with respect then what does that say about you? My family is very important to me…I don’t know where i’d be without them. And I always try to keep in perspective..my work and my relationships should never come before my family.

A lot of times when people get famous they loose site of what’s important. It’s so easy to get caught up with the wrong people. When you’re famous- everyone’s your friend…but your family are the ones who keep it real with you. If all the fame was gone tomorrow and Julianne didn’t have a movie coming out or wasn’t on DWTS…there would be 30 people (i’m going to guess around 30) that would be there for her no matter what…her family.


Throughout all the success Julianne has had, she’s never forgot the people that really matter in her life. If you watch any interviews with Julianne, she always talks about her family. She’s the first one to support Derek when it comes to DWTS..I think Julianne was actually happier when Derek won his first MirrorBall trophy than winning her own.  When Derek won his Emmy, Julianne was the one sitting in the audience cheering him on. I thought this was perfect because they have danced together their whole lives. And have supported each other through the highs and the lows. I think for Julianne she has always felt a little guilty because she has gotten more attention than Derek. She was so happy seeing Derek win that Emmy because he finally got the recognition he deserves. When I read what she wrote on instagram about Derek (see below) it was really touching because I have watched Julianne & Derek since DWTS …and Derek has always been there for Jules…so I was happy she could share this special milestone with him. And the fact that he gave a special mention in his Emmy speech to Julianne was the sweetest thing! There lives constantly change but the one thing that is a common denominator through all the years is they have each other.

She also goes to Utah to watch her niece and nephews when her sister Sharee is away. And the thing I love about Jules ..is when she’s with her family she acts like any other person would. Whether it’s going to Target with her nephew, taking her nieces to get their haircut or hiding easter eggs for Ari…it’s normal stuff any aunt would do!



Yes Julianne is a “celebrity” but you can relate to her…because when I see her with her family it reminds me she’s just a person like the rest of us. In today’s society so many people are “too busy” for family, or have other priorities..so i’m happy there are celebrities out there who care about more than just fame & money.  If Julianne would rather spend time with her family than on her career & the fans…that’s fine by me! I wish Julianne would move back to Utah or Nashville to be with her family, because it’s nice when they’re all together.


Next time you read an article about Julianne just remember the people that really know her…love her! And that should tell you all you need to know …what the media says has no bearing on my opinion of her. (they only see a small portion of Julianne’s life). I take what people write about her with a grain of salt. If you want to know the type of person Julianne is…read what Sharee (her sister) writes about her…or how her nieces and nephews are so excited to see her when she visits…disregard the media (completely).


We love Jules because she values her family….yes she’s an amazing dancer…but also a great daughter, sister and aunt too! (and lets not forget… a good mom to lexi & harley!!… sorry have to mention those dogs in every article 🙂 ..(my favorites)


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