What Will 2014 Have In Store For Julianne? (Numerology Analysis)


2013 was a bit challenging…it had it’s share of ups and downs …but the important thing is…it’s over! 🙂

So what will 2014 have in store for Julianne?

I am not a psychic, I don’t predict the future but you can see the basic trends for a year based on numerology & astrology.

Julianne’s numerology:

Julianne’s numerology for 2014:

Her birthday: July 20, 1988 
Year: 2014

July 20, 1988
=35 (3+5)

Julianne is a #8…so we take #8 and add it to 2014

=8 + 2+0+1+4
=15 (1+5)

So after our calculations we can see that 2014 is a number 6 year for Julianne.

What does all this mean?

2013 was all about change…and like I mentioned in a previous post..change is good, but can also cause a lot of upheaval. 2014 will have a different tone to it for Jules. It will be a one of harmony- where things run smoothly and everything sort of comes together. I’m not saying every moment will be perfect but there won’t be as much chaos as 2013. People will be more supportive of Julianne and what she is doing. 2013 was kind of like swimming upstream …this year Jules won’t have to work so hard to achieve the things she wants…because the numbers are in her favor!

I think Julianne will finally find someone as far as a relationship goes. Because a #6 year is one where you are in harmony with others. Julianne had to kind of pick up the pieces in 2013 after everything fell apart, so it wasn’t a good time to get into a new relationship (too much going on!). But this year once everything comes together Jules will have time to find love! I hope Julianne finds someone who treats her good…she is such a kind person and deserves someone who appreciates that.

As far as career goes, in a #6 year you aren’t as focused on material success. Julianne’s priority will be her relationship with her family, her friends and finding love. If there was some tension in relationships in the previous years…it will be gone in 2014! It will seem easier to get along with people and Jules will find more support. Success will be a byproduct of the better reception Jules will get from people in 2014. You can make a great movie, but if people don’t support you- you will never be successful. You can be the best dancer in the world but if people don’t support you- you won’t be successful. Lucky for Jules, she will find the support she needs in 2014 🙂

To back up this statement…look at Derek’s number #6 year: He won an EMMY, dwts, found love (with Nina) …so all in all i’d say it was a pretty good year!! It wasn’t that Derek wasn’t talented in the other years…it was just that he finally got the recognition he deserved in 2013 (his #6 year). So I think the same will be true for Jules!!! (fingers crossed)

So don’t worry Jules….2014 will be a good year!! 1 more day…and then let the good times BEGIN!

I wish nothing but the best for Julianne, and Lexi & Harley in 2014 🙂


Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim to be 100% accurate.  There is room for error.  Thanks for understanding. Numerology paints a picture of a person’s life- a general picture, it is not an end all. So please take this interpretation with a grain of salt, thanks :)

-Maria 🙂

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