Don’t worry Jules just a bad year…not a bad life! It gets better! (Numerology Analysis)


This year has been a bit challenging (to say the least)…but don’t worry it will get better Jules!

Where do I even start with 2013 …

  • I suspect Julianne’s relationship with Ryan really started unravelling around January-February of this year. And then toward the end of March it was kind of the last straw. (But don’t worry Jules he wasn’t a good match for you anyways astrology wise…so it was a blessing in disguise!) Then because they were living together Julianne’s whole life was kind of uprooted and she had to find a new place to live and in a way start over again. Before I continue I’ll get into the numbers side of it so there’s some credibility to what i’m saying…

Julianne’s numerology for 2013:

Her birthday: July 20, 1988 
Year: 2013

July 20, 1988
=35 (3+5)

Julianne is a #8…so we take #8 and add it to 2013

=8 + 2+0+1+3
=14 (1+4)

So after our calculations we can see that 2013 was a number 5 year for Julianne.

Number 5 years are all about change. Now change can be good in the long run…but sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all it can be chaotic, challenging and stressful. It can really throw you for a loop and make you question everything you’re doing in life.

Let’s take a look at the situation with Ryan:

  • Now I don’t believe Julianne for a second when she said they broke up because they both had busy work schedules. Not a chance…that is what you call a good PR strategy.  There’s actually more to the story…I think the tension was building in that relationship. The only reason it lasted for 3 years was because Julianne and Ryan did spend a lot of time apart so it took longer to play out. If they were together day in day out then it would have ended sooner.
  • They were not a good match astrology or numerology wise. The relationship was favourable for working out their differences…meaning even though there were a lot of disagreements they decided to stick it out. So like I said before it’s a blessing in disguise…you would have never been completely happy with Ryan. You should never settle for less than completely happy.
  • So back to the number side of things…in a number 5 year you’re really forced to look at what isn’t working in your life. It can be hard because sometimes it’s all on a subconscious level. If Julianne was staying with Ryan because other people wanted her to…in the number 5 year it would all fall apart. If they were really meant to be together their relationship would have withstood this year…but if on a subconscious level Julianne knew that Ryan wasn’t for her…then the relationship falls apart (which happened).
  • Don’t get me wrong I loved Ryan and Julianne …they are both great people …but not together. You should be with someone who brings out the best side of you..not someone you’re fighting with all the time.

Julianne moves out on her own…

  • First you breakup with your boyfriend which is difficult for anyone..but then you have to worry about finding a new place to live too. Again number 5 year is all about change. If you think about it Julianne has never lived on her own. Yes she has lived away from her family…but she never had her own home.
  • The number 5 year is all about making the changes necessary to be truly happy. From the outside did it look like Julianne was happy living with Ryan? Yes. It was a nice house…had everything that is supposed to make a person happy. But here’s the thing…I really don’t think Julianne puts much value in expensive houses or all the material things Ryan had. She doesn’t need that to make her happy in life. If you look at Julianne’s house now it’s not fancy…but do I think she’s a lot happier? yes.
  • It’s not easy moving and starting over again…but it is for the best. It happened to get Julianne one step closer to being truly happy. I think for a large part of her life, Julianne has always done what other people wanted her too. She hasn’t really put herself first…it has always been about making other people happy. But moving and having her own home is one way she can finally just focus on herself and doing things her way. Even if it’s just deciding how to decorate a Christmas tree…there’s a bigger lesson here..put yourself first Julianne! What you want in life is just as important as what others want. Even though it seems like upheaval now…in the long run Julianne will be happier.


  • First of all…I just want to say a big f*ck you to the paparazzi.  I am a fan of Julianne’s but there’s boundaries. We all have set hours we work…our private life is separate from our work life. Julianne doesn’t have that luxury. To have the paparazzi follow you around when your with your family eating lunch or when you leave the gym…is sick. And this whole halloween situation would have never happened if it wasn’t for the paparazzi. I don’t care if it is their job…what they do is harassment. And what’s even worse is that they make money doing it…so once again: f*ck you paparazzi.
  • But again there’s always a blessing in disquise with everything. The halloween incident was no different. It forced Julianne to realize who was most important in her life. And I hate to say it but it’s not the fans. The public’s opinion shouldn’t matter at all to Julianne. Even though the Halloween thing was horrible…it showed Jules that her family and close friends will support her no matter what. I think before Julianne was too concerned with how others perceived her..but again number 5 years are about changing your thinking so you can be happier. Do I still think Julianne has a way to go? yes…but she’s on the right path and that’s what is important 🙂

2013 was a hard one for Julianne because it was a number 5 year. The number 5 in Chinese culture is not lucky because it is an odd number. But the good news for Julianne is that next year is a #6 year which is a lot better. It is a year of harmony and a time where everything finally comes together. I think Julianne will find a relationship next year…this year wasn’t good for that because the focus is more on fixing what wasn’t working and picking up the pieces. Next year will be better. Derek just had his number 6 year and he won an Emmy and DWTS…so trust me on this one Jules!!! Just get through the rest of December and everything will be fine 🙂

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