My Wal-Mart Experience…

The past couple of days I went Christmas shopping with my sister. For the most part I have to say people were pretty nice! We went to a few malls, and although it was really busy everyone was still in a good mood. Then just as we were going home I had something to return at Wal-Mart so I asked my sister if we could make a quick stop….big mistake.

Not even in the store 30 seconds and this lady runs into me with her buggy. It’s understandable because it’s pretty busy and it was probably just an accident. But does she apologize? NO. Just two short words..that’s all it takes…i’m …sorry. But I guess it’s too much to ask from some people.

So then I go up to customer service to return my item and the lineup is huge!! There were probably 15 people in line (not even exaggerating). Meanwhile my sister was still in the car because she didn’t want to come in, so I called her just to let her know i’d be a while. I’m standing in line for a good 5 minutes and the line still isn’t moving. I look to the front and they have ONE lady working!! One person working with a week left til Christmas. But again it’s not her fault the line is so big- she’s one person and can only do so much. But then there were two wal-mart employees talking and laughing behind the desk…seriously? Did you not see the huge line?

Some time passes (and I mean a lot of time) and it’s almost my turn. By that time I am just happy to almost be done at this store. The lady in front of me goes up to return her stuff. She was exchanging some cereal for a different kind of the same brand. I guess the one she originally bought was 50 cents cheaper than the other one…because different flavors had different prices. So anyways …she goes to exchange it and the lady tells her she owes 50 cents because of the price difference. So any normal person would just pay the 2 quarters….not this lady. All of the sudden she starts yelling at the employee “WHY WOULD I HAVE TO PAY AN EXTRA 50 CENTS FOR THE SAME CEREAL?!!” So the lady again calmly explains to her the situation. Then the customer gets even more upset… “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO YOUR JOB! I WANT A DIFFERENT PERSON TO HELP ME!!” Now keep in mind this is all over 50 cents & happening in front of 15 people.  So the employee then goes ” Ma’am if you want the this cereal you are going to have to pay the extra 50 cents” So this lady starts yelling again “I AM NOT PAYING THE 50 CENTS..JUST FOR THE PRINCIPLE! ” The employee then goes ” Ma’am if you aren’t going to take the cereal I need to help the next person” . Then this is the shocker…the lady then takes the box of cereal and throws it and it almost hit the employee!!! Now I don’t know if this is classified as abuse or harassment..but it should be. This employee is just trying to do her job…and she has deal with people like that all day. I understand if you’re upset but you don’t throw a box of cereal at someone over 50 cents!!

So it gets better….

I was next in line so I could see all this happening…I was going to say something but I didn’t want to make this lady even more angry. But i’m thinking to myself “you are ridiculous! You are going to yell and even throw something at an employee over 50 cents?!” . The guy behind me was apparently thinking the same thing. He gets out of the line…walks up to the lady..opens his wallet and gives her 2 quarters. He says “If it’s that big of a deal to you here you go!!” Then he turns to the employee and says “I’m sorry you have to deal with customers like this all day”. And then the lady was just really embarrassed and walked away 🙂

Next year…I am avoiding Wal-Mart around Christmas time at all costs. Lesson learned.

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