Jules you’re so lucky…friends like Riawna are RARE!

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I did this post because like I said before I am very good at reading people. I can tell what kind of people they are. I wouldn’t say I’m psychic but I can definitely pick up on someone’s energy.

That is why I originally joined twitter after the backlash Jules faced for halloween. I can tell the type of person she is: good natured. I was so upset when everyone was giving her a hard time…you guys got it all wrong! 😦

I think when you’re famous you have to choose your friends very wisely. You’ll have no shortage of people who love & adore you – but is it for the right reasons? Is it because of your fame? or because of your character?

I think Jules’ is very lucky to have Riawna as a friend. Here’s why:

1) Riawna is an amazing hairstylist and very talented- but more important than all that- she’s a good person. 

  • She has the right mindset about life. That while you make a living, don’t forget to make a life. Doing hair is her passion- when you do what you enjoy in life, the rest falls in to place. I think though if all the success that Riawna has had was gone tomorrow- she would be just fine.

She is real 

  • I see the pictures Jules posts with Riawna and the fact that they have no problem wearing sweatpants and no make up for a day is awesome! I know in LA there is so much pressure with the paparazzi to look perfect all the time…but Jules & Riawna don’t care- they let us see they’re real human beings just like the rest of us.

She supports Jules through everything. 

  • Ok this kind of ties into the previous point about whether or not people are your friend for the right reasons when your famous. I think everybody is your friend when you’re on top…but it’s when you are at your lowest that you find out who your true friends are. I think even if people hated Jules…Riawna would still be there for her.

She is like family to Jules. 

  • Because Jules’ family lives across the country and aren’t with her everyday, I think it’s important she has people to keep her grounded. You need friends in life where you can be yourself around and who will keep it real with you. Everywhere Jules goes it’s “can I get a picture with you” “can i get your autograph”…so she needs people where she can just be herself around and doesn’t have to impress. I’m sure Riawna knows all Julianne’s flaws but loves her anyway! Where as the public- if you have an off day- WATCH OUT..there will be hell to pay.

She’s an AMAZING hairstylist. 

  • Actually amazing is a huge understatement. I don’t even have a word to describe Riawna’s hairstyles!!! The way she cuts hair…wow..just WOW!! It is my dream to get my hair cut by her one day (not only because she’s Jules’ friend..but because I know it would be the BEST hair cut I ever got!!) Don’t care the price- well worth it. You probably have to book a year in advance though 😦 Riawna you are so talented when it comes to hair!! I really mean that. Check out Riawna’s salon (Nine Zero Salon: http://www.ninezeroonesalon.com) …good luck getting an appointment though 🙂 And I forgot to mention…Riawna even cuts Lexi & Harley’s hair too!! (see pic above). Anyone who loves those sweet dogs as much as Jules does is good in my book 🙂

So all in all…Riawna is a great person. Having good character & being a good person is more important than any success will ever be. But hey if you can have both- why not? 😉

Jules you’re lucky to have a person like Riawna in your life…not only for the amazing haircuts but for her support and kind spirit!

Also- Nina is another friend of Jules’ that I like- again not because she’s famous but because she’s a good person. (And she does yoga, which I do too 🙂 ) Good job Nina, never change.

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