Why Amber & Derek will win DWTS Season 17 (Numerology Analysis)


Ok I may be a little biased when it comes to this prediction…but the numbers never lie! It looks as though #TEAMROUGHLEY will take home the coveted mirror ball trophy tonight!

First off I want to say : Corbin & Karina danced amazing. They consistently produced wonderful dance routines each week that went above & beyond our expectations. So they are also champions in my eyes!

But tonight it will be all about our Ms. Amber Riley & Derek Hough. Yes they have had some struggles along the way, but they have never given up. They have won over the hearts of the viewers as well as the judges. DWTS is all about improving and pushing yourself to the limits- and Amber did just that. Derek’s emmy award winning choreography challenged Amber…but she rose to the occasion every week 🙂

Now for the numbers part:

Derek’s Numerology for 2013:

Birthdate: May 17 1985
Year: 2013

=42 (4+2)

Our life goes in cycles of 9, that’s why some years are great while others test us. Derek is in a number 6 year which is a year of harmony. It’s when everything in your life runs smoothly and all comes together. It is a year where you unselfishly help others are rewarded for it. Derek has worked hard the past 5 years to lay the framework for his success and it is all coming to fruition in his number 6 year. First he got the Emmy in September & now to finish off the year he will have another Mirrorball trophy to add to his collection.

The number 6 is the most harmonious and stable number among the 9 single digit number. Number 6 years are when people usually have success in romantic relationships or get married if they are already with someone. (yes I know Derek & Nina didn’t work out- but I believe he will find someone. Remember we are the fans- we don’t always see what goes on behind the scenes in a person’s life).

Amber also has had a good year for 2013. She is in a number 2 year. After her number 1 year in 2012 which was all about change and the start of a new cycle, 2013 is a year of relative contentment..where things start falling into place. This is a reflective year for Amber…2 is a lucky number in numerology because it is an even number. So I hope this will help Amber tonight!

Amber’s Numerology for 2013:

Birthdate: February 15, 1986
Year: 2013
=38 (3+8)
=11 (1+1)

Corbin is also in the same year as Amber (#2) …so it is a fairly good year for him.

Corbins Numerology for 2013:

Birthdate: February 21 1989
Year: 2013
=38 (3+8)
=11 (1+1)

The big difference here is that Karina is in a #7 year. Personally for me, my number 7 year was one of the most challenging years of my life. It is a time where you really question yourself and what you’re doing. This year is full of challenges that force you to look inward and re-evaluate your life. To find whatever is not working & change it. It is known as the “Introspection” year. So I think tonight Karina is in for an upset…to be that close to the prize and not win will be hard for her. Odd numbers are not considered lucky in Chinese culture. All even numbers are lucky except #4 and all odd numbers are less than lucky (with #3, and sometime 9 being an exception)

Karina’s Numerology:

Birthdate: January 2, 1978
Year: 2013
=34 (3+4)

A special thanks to Bill & Emma..they were the heart and soul of the show. Bill’s dancing put a smile on my face every single monday! 🙂 Even when the odds were against them- they kept on giving it their all.

Also to Jack and Cheryl…you both made me tear up last night. Jack to dance like that even though you are fighting MS deserves a standing ovation. Your story was a true inspiration and you showed people that no matter what hand you’re dealt in life..you can always keep dancing 🙂

I think all the dancers did amazing..it takes so much time & effort to dance like that every week. They put in so many hours behind the scenes for the show each week. Regardless of who walks away with the trophy- they are all winners!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim to be 100% accurate.  There is room for error.  Thanks for understanding. Numerology paints a picture of a person’s life- a general picture, it is not an end all. So please take this interpretation with a grain of salt, thanks :)

-Maria 🙂

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