What Julianne’s Birthday Says About Her…



Julianne is a Cancer! 

Born: July 20, 1988

  • Julianne was born near the end of July. She is a cancer, but because it is close the to end of the zodiac sign she was born on a “cusp”.  Born on a cusp means you’re right in between the 2 signs.
  • Julianne is a cancer-leo cusp which means she has the qualities of the cancer zodiac sign as well as leo. To anyone who first sees Julianne would assume that she is very energetic, outgoing and loves being in the spotlight . But on the other hand cancer-leo cusps can be very shy, sensitive & keep to themselves. It’s kind of like a see-saw where they swing back and forth from one extreme to another.
  • These people make the best friends because they are extremely thoughtful and generous when it comes to others. They try to treat everyone fairly and hate injustices! They will be the first ones to stand up for you if they think you have been done wrong.
  • When it comes to giving they are the ones that would rather make you a Christmas gift than just pick you up another generic sweater from the mall. For them they don’t believe in giving gifts just for the sake of it- it has to have a sentimental meaning behind it. That’s why I really think although Julianne has made a lot of money and had success she still is very down to earth. Yes she likes nice things, but to money has never been her motive. She realizes that money doesn’t buy happiness and would rather spend time with her friends and family then impress them with flashy gifts.
  • Also if they see a friend in need they will go out of their way to help them. They really understand where their loved ones are coming from when they have a problem because they have experienced emotional highs and lows themselves.
  • Creativity is also heightened when you have a cancer-leo cusp because they have the ambition combined with the imagination. (I don’t think this needs any explanation- have you seen Julianne’s choreography?? )

Although Julianne is very much in the public eye and is a performer who enjoys the spotlight there’s also a need for a private life away from all the glitz & glam. That’s why you see she spends a lot of time with her dogs because it’s away to escape the public life. I personally think she depises the paparazzi because it’s crossing the boundary.  Cancer-leo cusps need a clear boundary between their public persona and their private one. They need the privacy but also crave the spotlight..they need both, but at different times to be happy. So leave her alone paparazzi!!

That’s Julianne’s struggle here…balancing the energies of cancer as well as leo. She needs to give time to her career and spend time in the spotlight but never completely neglect her private life. It’s often hard for the people born on a cusp because their emotions and moods change so frequently. One minute they want to be in the limelight but then they want to go back home and shut off from the world.

A side note…based on astrology Julianne loves food, she probably cooks really good food. Cancers love food because they see it as a way to nurture people. They love to be domestic and create a nice home environment for people and to them food is a way of doing that.


Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim to be 100% accurate.  I don’t know the time Julianne was born so the interpretation will not be 100%- there is room for error.  Thanks for understanding. Astrology paints a picture of a person’s life- a general picture, it is not an end all. So please take this interpretation with a grain of salt, thanks 🙂

Next post: Julianne’s Moon (in Libra)…stay tuned!

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